Piano stool makeover part 2: musical notes decoupage

It’s been a while since I painted my piano stool and when I discovered decoupage (!) I started to think about using the technique to make the stool look more unique. My initial instinct was to embrace the musical theme and decoupage with actual piano music so this is what I did…

I do play the piano, though very rarely these days, and used to play fairly well many years ago. Around my early teens I got very ambitious and bought the following ‘complete pianoforte sonatas’ of Beethoven.

From what I can remember I spent a few weeks mastering the first one. It took me a while as these pieces are really difficult but I definitely recall being able to play the whole piece from memory at top speed at one point. After this my enthusiasm obviously waned a little (or perhaps I discovered boys?!) and I don’t think the book has been opened since. The piece I learnt now looks totally new to me! Accepting that I will probably never be good enough or have enough time to get into these sonatas ever again I decided to use the music for my decoupage.

I used the same technique as for the Lego chest of drawers and ‘Mod Podge’ of course. The only difference this time was I had to do much more measuring and accurate cutting, especially around the sides. It was fiddly (not normally something I relish or even attempt) but I managed it and here is the result…

I love it!! The stool has a more unique look to it now and a little bit more of my history too 🙂

3 thoughts on “Piano stool makeover part 2: musical notes decoupage

  1. Oh Wow! This is so sweetly done! It was worth the time it took to place the music on this stool! It is so unique and I love that pop of royal blue with the white! So Crisp! Well done! I hope you have an amazing day!

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  2. This exactly what I was looking for, for my music stool. I didn’t think about using fabric paint on upholstery and I LOVE the music decoupage. Thank you Rona


    1. Really pleased that you found it useful Rona. I still love it also, it looks just as good as when I first did it and the fabric paint has been well tested. I would love to see your stool when you finish it. Hannah x


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