Car-Themed Child’s Birthday Party

I’ve been crazily busy lately but thought I’d quickly catch up with something slightly different from my usual painting projects.

Alex recently turned 5 and for his party we hired out a hall and a great couple of guys who came in with go-karts and an inflatable track to keep the kids occupied ( This left me to sort food and decorations.

After quite a bit of research online I decided on Grand Prix table cloths and cocktail sticks (both from Amazon) and some really fantastic plates from I then got a bit creative with some foil and oranges, taped them to Duplo cars and stuck strawberry and grape sticks in them. I was a bit lax with the camera but here are a few photos…

I was really pleased and my boy had an amazing day so it was all worth it. The plates especially were fantastic. The only slight problem I had was being very bruised and stiff from my Nuclear mud race the previous day. It was extremely muddy, very scary and lots of fun, though if I ever find the camera man who took this photo (among others) I will have a few choice words for him!…

I have a few painting/decoupaging plans whirling around my brain so hope to be posting these soon 🙂

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